About Us

About Us

The unprecedented rise of consumerism in the last few decades has increased the requirement of products in the market. In order to meet the growing needs of the people, the manufacturing sector saw a revolution coming to fruition with an increase in efficiency owing to the great progress made in manufacturing technology.

We at Magpower Linksys (formerly Magpower Systems India Pvt Ltd), have been manufacturing elctro-magnetic brakes and clutches that is combination of dry applications used for a multitude of industrial equipment since 1985.

We are a Manufacturer, Multi-sourcing, Indenting company of a wide variety of industrial, pharmaceutical, medical systems including & components including but not limited to Electromagnetic Single Face Clutches, Spring Applied Fail Safe Brakes, Clutch Brake Combination Units, Electromagnetic Clutches, Bearing Mounted Clutches & Crane Duty Brake Motors.

"We are handling inquiries from Material Handling Industries. "

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