Bearing Mounted Clutch

Bearing Mounted Clutch

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Bearing Mounted Clutch

Magpower Linksys are manufacturers of Clutches and Brakes which are intended for start-stop application. They come in various types to meet different requirements.

The Bearing Mounted Clutch Type BMC is a “Normally Off” type Clutch. It has 2 basic parts, the bearing mounted stator consisting of a coil and a rotor faced with friction material held to the stator by means of the bearing, and the Armature plate. When current flows through the Clutch Coil, the Armature plate is attracted to the rotor with friction material thereby transmitting the torque and is released immediately due to a sinusoidal wave spring when no current is passing through the coil.

These Clutches are used for Dry Applications only.


  • The Bearing Mounted Clutches are specially designed for Shaft Mounting and Centering is automatic.
  • The Clutches are designed for simple mounting and easily adaptable to any mounting requirement as they are manufactured in varied designs.
  • The sinusoidal wave spring enables a backlash free transmission, enabling very short response time on disengagement, the friction faces are completely separated by the Spring eliminating any drag and permitting use at very high idling speeds.
  • These units are practically maintenance free due to the Stationary Coil and Highly Wear Resistant friction surface